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It’s still really very much winter in my corner of the world.   Just yesterday we got a surprise 6 inches of blowing snow and today it is -15 with the wind chill.    Green plants are still a dream right now so I won’t be going to sit with a real live motherwort plant anytime soon.

My offline little book of motherwort is taking shape, unfourtunately we have no working camera right now (although I’m planning to get one soon!) so I can’t show you the artwork yet.

I also don’t have any of the dried plant on hand – I’ll go check our local herb store the afternoon.   Field of Tansy suggests staring with infusions of the dried herb but I think that I’ll jump right into research!  I haven’t managed to make it to the grown-up section of the library this week ( my son “hasn’t got any patience!” to go to the adult section with me, which usually manifests as screaming in the quiet parts!) so this is all internet reserach, but tomorrow I hope to get some time alone in the library.

Motherwort ( lion’s tail, lion’s tongue, Mother’s Herb) is a member of the mint family (which I’ll keep in mind when it comes time to plant it later:)  It started it’s long history in Central Asia and has had a long relationship with Chinese Medicine.  In that system it is prescribed for heart health, menstural regulation and to promote longetivity.  It’s spread all around the world now, particularly in Central Europe and North America.  It’s a perennial to Zone 3.

Primarily used as a cardiac tonic which is especially obvious in it’s botanical name – leonurus cardiaca – “lion heart”.    Some of the actions I’ve seen associated with it are: emmegagogue, diuretic, astringent, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, nervine and calmative.

It’s also used for all kinds of uterus related things, in particular, for decreasing menstural cramps/PMS, for easing women into menopause, and during and after childbirth to promote healing.   It’s also suggested in several sources that it’s the “mother of the mother” – an herb to help mothers stay calm and centered during their child raising years (could I ever use that!)

I peeked into information about motherwort flower essence as well, because I have had some success with flower essences in the past – one suggested that motherwort was indicated for helping people feel a deeper sense of belonging in their family, one suggested it was “to love others as yourself”.  It is not one of the original flower essences.

The message I’m picking up from this research so far is that motherwort eases transitions and creates a comfortable place to be recieved.   Before mensturation, before and particularly after childbirth, during menopause.   And for the heart: every beat is a transition.

Easing of transitions. Softening the shift.

And then there’s things like this: “What is also so interesting about Motherwort is that it often treats heart health issues in women, but is not as effective for men. Nature is so clever and gifted to know the intricate differences between a man and a woman’s heart…” <source>

Mothwort Tincture: A video with Susun Weed

10 Reasons to Love Motherwort: by Kiva Rose

Motherwort: by Dandelion Revolutin


2 responses to “research 1

  1. spring has been very moody for us this year, more so than usual. i say, bring it! to summer. i’m ready for the heat and humidity.

    i completely understand about taking little ones into the adult section of the library. i haven’t seen that part in 6 years! i tend to just request the books i want to check out online and then pick them up when we visit the children’s section.

    great research on motherwort. i find the last tidbit you shared interesting and i’m going to research that a bit more. motherwort helps me greatly with heart palpitations.

    • thanks commenting! I really appreciate you posting these challenges – they’re really helping me to deepen with my exploration!

      I did make it downstairs at the library but all the books of herbs have been checked out! Oh well- I’m going to put them on hold and pick them up in the chidlren’s section!

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