I am still around and working on my herbal ally challenge and various other things!     I have updates that I want to make and many exciting things are happening – I just haven’t had time to sit down between vole related work, various spring things in the garden and my general other life commitments.

I will tell you though, that yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to a full moon women’s circle and it was amazing!  I reminded me how much I miss gathering and singing with other women as well as hearing women’s stories and just being in a ritual intentionally sacred space.

One of the women told us of a speaker she heard recently who begins her day by saying “I love life and life loves me!”    This morning when I woke up I tried this statement out and found myself laughing and feeling joyful!   Try it:  I love life and life loves me!

Actual updates with pictures and general motherwort excitement to follow!


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