Other the years I’ve tried to delve into the world of herbalism. I’ve read books, planned gardens and attempted wildcrafting.  But still I feel….disconnected from the actual world of plants.  Well, in my urban dwelling, house living humaness I suppose I’m disconnected from the natural world in general.  So when I discovered the herbal ally challenge: to stay with one herb for an entire year and learn it’s ways deeply – I was overjoyed that someone would put such an idea out there, for free on the internet.    So I’ve started this blog to track my own progress and perhaps to cover some of the other topics on my mind these days.

We’ll see, shall we?

Various words that describe me!

mother, lover, dancing soul, family constellations facilitator in training, gemini, sometimes spacey, always passionate, distracted, friendly, laughter, deepening, always worrying, sometimes blissful, me.


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