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I am still around and working on my herbal ally challenge and various other things!     I have updates that I want to make and many exciting things are happening – I just haven’t had time to sit down between vole related work, various spring things in the garden and my general other life commitments.

I will tell you though, that yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to a full moon women’s circle and it was amazing!  I reminded me how much I miss gathering and singing with other women as well as hearing women’s stories and just being in a ritual intentionally sacred space.

One of the women told us of a speaker she heard recently who begins her day by saying “I love life and life loves me!”    This morning when I woke up I tried this statement out and found myself laughing and feeling joyful!   Try it:  I love life and life loves me!

Actual updates with pictures and general motherwort excitement to follow!


vole induced hysteria

my next challenge

mother mother mother

I was finally able to take a walk this weekend by the river to find some wild motherwort plants!

First I left the male parts of my family in a muddy river bed.

Classic and messy.

Then I headed down the path near the river where I saw…

Trees chewed by beavers.    Now, this wouldn’t be such a terribly strange site, except that I live in a fair sized city and have never seen a beaver.  There were plenty of beaver chewed trees though, so they must be living nearby somewhere.

As I was walking towards the area that my friend told me there was some motherwort, I saw this graffiti:

Love youself.

And then I happened upon motherwort

Lots  of small patches, all of them very close to the main bike/walking path.

Still very close tot he ground, but definately growing now that the snow has finally (hopefully) passed for  the year.

I couldn’t find a patch that was sufficiently off the path to not be interrupted by passerby’s while meditating with it.  So, instead, I just sat down near one and drew some pictures, held gratitude for its being and generally enjoyed the sunshine.

The motherwort I saw doesn’t like to hide – it’s out in the open near the edges of paths walked by humans just waiting for someone to take notice of it’s beauty.  Love yourself. I know it’ll grow much taller and it lives near other tall plants (I saw goldenrod and a few others that I don’t know the name of, but do know that they grow tall).

I love this plant.  No shy, but not showy. Not hiding, but able to blend with the other plants nearby.

All the plants were too small to harvest from yet, but soon!     Instead I harvested some beautiful white pine needles to make pine vinegar.  And I made another preparation of wild violet tincture.   I’ve been eating SO many wild violets – our yard is very very full of them.    My son also loves to eat the purple blossoms and finds them whenever we go outside!

This week we’re going to visit my parents which means plenty of nature walks!  My dad has scouted out patchs of fiddleheads and wild leeks so hopefully we’ll be able to pick some while we’re there!

how exciting!

I got a used digital camera today!  And then proceeded to take like a billion pictures of everything.  I’ll put the ones about the Herbal Ally Challenge in a different post but here’s a bunch of photos of the garden!

The Vegetable Garden

A far away shot of a simple herb garden in early spring.

The Herb Garden

the early growth of the lovage plant



Early green shots of garlic


violet flowers in a small jar

Picking violets to make tincture

Our spring! altar