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making compost

This year one of my garden goals is to successfully make several batches of compost.  I’ve been unlucky in the past with compost (leaving piles partway finished, the landlord was more in charge and so I never got to use it) but this year!  This year I will take at least two piles of compost from start to deliciously hommus-y finish.

Our current pile has problems.  It’s not breaking down at all and smells generally unpleasent.   The research I’ve done suggests that it’s the result of too much nitrogen and not enough carbon – so I’ve begun a neighbourhood wide search for materials high in carbon – leaves, glass clippings and whatnot!   The lady next door just gave me two big bags full of leaves that she raked up (I went over to offer to rake them for her, but she had already done it!)

I think I’m going to start composting my urine as well.   I’m longing for a sawdust toilet but we live in a rented house and I suspect that both my husband and my landlords (however amazing they are) would be resistant to the idea of composting feces!  However, this article linked above from Mother Earth News has gotten me really excited about the possibility of composting just my own urine (I don’t think anyone else in my household will get on board ; )

In other news, I’m still searching for a good condition used camera to buy so that I can take some pictures to document both my explorations with motherwort and my garden!  Hopefully soon!